5 Benefits of Physical Exercise


We always hear from a lot of people that physical exercise is really good for us but do we really know and understand why? Let me shed some light on it by giving you 5 specific reasons and helping you understand a little bit more about the benefits of moving your body.

  1. Weight Control – this is probably one of the most common benefits you have heard of but it’s definitely true. Physical exercise helps you burn the extra calories we do not need which leads us to losing weight. Although rigorous exercise will burn more calories, the simple ones like maybe just a short walk around the block will have a positive impact on your weight loss too.
  2. Physical Health/Fitness – our motivation to exercise is usually only because we want to lose weight and look good. Yes that is one very good motivation; however, it is also extremely important to exercise so we can maintain good health. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to chronic disease.
  3. Energy – exercising regularly helps you increase your energy levels and feel better about yourself. Healthy eating and physical exercise is the perfect combination to have energy throughout the day. Instead of drinking excessive coffee or even drinking an artificial extremely unhealthy energy drink you can instead exercise to have more energy.
  4. Mental Health – physical exercise helps improve your mood, it releases chemicals to your brain that make you feel happier and more balanced. These chemicals also help ease any type of anxiety and depression.
  5. Sleep – physical exercise reduces stress and strengthen circadian rhythms promoting daytime alertness and bringing sleepiness at night. It has been shown to help people with sleep disorders like insomnia, to improve their sleep. Sleeping better has a positive impact on our moods as well.
    Remember that physical exercise can happen in many different ways like walking, running, dancing, swimming, bicycling and many others. You just need to find what makes you feel good and remember that it does not matter where you start what matters is that you are doing something for yourself. Be proud to give yourself a chance for change!

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